Our values

We are a brand built on strong core values, so it’s only fitting that our values stand for your Pride & Joy – keep scrolling to read them all.


We’re all about celebrating your child (Pride and Joy, get it?) because it goes without saying that every child deserves to be proud of who they are.


The LGBTQ+ community is not often represented in the mainstream media but when it is queer people tend to be stereotyped or ridiculed. This is an issue our magazine is determined to tackle.


We will not ignore that LGBTQ+ identities overlap with other aspects of you and your child’s identity and will cater our content to the unique experiences this can create. We want include stories surrounding race, religion, disability and socioeconomic backgrounds to name a few.


We believe change starts from the grassroots. Only through discussion, education and representation can we get people talking.


We want our brand name to be synonymous with supporting LGBTQ+ children, and that means both encouraging your LGBTQ+ child to thrive and encouraging more LGBTQ+ representation